Where you can find on social media

We thought it would be a good time to let you know where you can find us on social media. posts at a few different places:

Facebook: – it was our first social media channel, started back in 2008, and our largest. We update it a few times per day.


Twitter: – We send out a lot of tweets each day, and try to look for interesting things to retweet.

Instagram: – we try to post a lot of nice pictures here.

Tumblr: – we consistently post here too.

Mastodon: – we just started posting here.

TikTok: – we’re still learning how to make interesting videos. A lot of fun Medieval Tiktokers out there, so it’s worth visiting if you are a medievalist.


Youtube: – we posts videos here, including versions of some of our podcasts.

Patreon: – we would love to have you be a supporter of You can get some nice extras too, such as digital magazines and ad-free access.

And finally, please sign up to get our weekly email: