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The Battle of Nájera (1367)

The Hundred Years’ War moves to Iberia, as the French and English get involved in the Castilian Civil War. The forces would meet at the Battle of Nájera in 1367. In this episode, Michael and Kelly discuss the battle, in which the winning side soon becomes the losers in the war.

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Bow and Blade is hosted by Kelly DeVries and Michael Livingston.

Kelly DeVries is a Professor at Loyola University in Maryland and Honorary Historical Consultant at the Royal Armouries. You can learn more about Kelly on his university webpage.


Michael Livingston teaches at The Citadel and is the author of numerous books on medieval history as well as fiction novels. You can learn more about Michael on his website, or follow him on Twitter @medievalguy

Music: “Battle of the Creek” by Alexander Nakarada (
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Top Image: BNF MS Francais 2643  fol. 312v