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What exactly ended in Late Antiquity?, with Polymnia Athanassiadi

A conversation with Polymnia Athanassiadi about the way of life that ended in late antiquity. Scholars of Byzantium and the Middle Ages may see this as a period of new beginnings, but Polymnia doesn’t want us to forget the practices and urban values that came to an end during it.

Polymnia Athanassiadi is a Professor Emeritus of Ancient History at the University of Athens. The conversation touches on issues raised throughout her papers collected in Mutations of Hellenism in Late Antiquity (Variorum Ashgate 2015), as well as the concept of “monodoxy” explored in Vers la pensée unique: La montée de l’intolerance dans l’Antiquité tardive (Les Belles Lettres 2010). To learn more Polymnia, please read her biography on Wikipedia.


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Top Image: Amazonomachy at the Louvre – photo by Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons


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