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A global history of the Greeks, with Roderick Beaton

A conversation with Roderick Beaton on his new book The Greeks: A Global History. We discuss different ways to define who “the Greeks” were and are (in Byzantium Graikos meant a “Greek-speaker”); the diversity of groups that make up this story; how Byzantium can be featured in a diachronic history of Greek-speakers without being overlooked in favor of the ancients and moderns (as tends often to happen); and what might tie these Greeks together in a way that doesn’t quite work for, say, “the English-speaking peoples.”

Roderick Beaton is Emeritus Koraes Professor of Modern Greek & Byzantine History, Language & Literature at King’s College London. His long career has focused on Byzantine and Modern Greek literature and history. Click here to view his university webpage.


His latest book, The Greeks: A Global History, is a sweeping history of Greek speakers from the Bronze Age to present day. It is published by Basic Books. You can also buy it on

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