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Ancient DNA in the Western Mediterranean

Ancient DNA has a lot to say about the people who walked the Earth in the Middle Ages. History and sciences are coming together and it’s quite the crossover.

In this episode of the Medieval Grad Podcast, Lucie Laumonier interviews Reed Johnston Morgan, a history PhD candidate at Harvard University, who studies frontier communities in the Western Mediterranean at the turn of the Antique world and the early Middle Ages. Among Reed’s sources is ancient DNA belonging to people who walked the Earth 1,500 years ago.


Reed Johnston Morgan became a Ph.D. candidate in the Harvard History Department in 2019. He previously earned M.Phil. degrees in Archaeological Research and Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic at Clare College, Cambridge. You can learn more about Reed’s work on his university webpage or his page, or follow him on Twitter @ReedJMorgan

Reed’s reading suggestions:

Jonathan Conant, Staying Roman: Conquest and Identity in Africa and the Mediterranean, 439–700 (2015)

Jaime Vizcaíno Sánchez, La presencia bizantina en Hispania (Siglos VI-VII): La documentación arqueológica (2007)

David Reich, Who We Are and How We Got Here: Ancient DNA and the New Science of the Human Past (2018)

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Top Image: 1325 Portolan chart of Angellino de Dalorto


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