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Medieval Disabled Bodies

Lucie Laumonier talks to Adelheid Russenberger about medieval disabilities and what it meant, in the Middle Ages, to be disabled.

Adelheid is a PhD candidate in history at Queen Mary University of London, England. Her research is focused on disabled bodies as seen in fourteenth-century canonisation inquisitions. You can learn more about Adelheid’s research on her page, or follow her on Twitter @avsrussenberger


To learn more about the topic, please check out the Medieval Disability Sourcebook, edited by Cameron Hunt McNabb and published by Punctum Books.

A good book dealing with a canonisation inquest is Souls under Siege: Stories of War, Plague, and Confession in Fourteenth-Century Provence, by Nicole Archambeau

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Lucie Laumonier is an affiliate assistant professor at Concordia University. Click here to view her page or follow her on Instagram at The French Medievalist. She is also a columnist on, writing about agriculture and rural life in the Middle Ages.

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The music in this podcast is La douce jouvencelle

Top Image:Disabled person being pushed on a wheel-barrow, from a scene in The Luttrell Psalter, British Library MS Add MS 42130 fol. I86v.



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