Medieval sword discovered in Poland, possibly connect to the Battle of Grunwald

An “extremely well preserved” sword, dating to the late fourteenth or early fifteenth century, has been discovered near the city of Olsztyn in north-eastern Poland. It was found along with the remains of a scabbard, belt, and two knives.

It was discovered by Alexander Medvedev, an archaeology enthusiast, who has donated the treasures to the Museum of the Battle of Grunwald. It is speculated the items may be associated with the Battle of Grunwald, which was fought in the year 1410 in the same region of Poland.


“The armed set will now undergo maintenance and research,” explains Szymon Drej, director of the Museum of the Battle of Grunwald. “We have some suspicions about the social status of a medieval sword owner, and we are curious to see what lies beneath the rust layer. We will also explore the site of the excavation of the artefact in more depth in order to get to know the situational context of its origin. Such valuable items in the Middle Ages rarely remained in the ground.”

Top Image: Photo courtesy Marshal Office of Warmia and Mazury


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