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Ravenna, capital of empire between east and west, with Judith Herrin

A conversation with Judith Herrin about the fascinating history of Ravenna between 400 and 800 AD. In this period, the city functioned first as a court of the western emperor, then as the seat of a Gothic kingdom loosely subordinate to Constantinople, and as the capital of the exarchate, the Italian province of the eastern empire. This made Ravenna a place of remarkable cultural fusion, and endowed it with spectacular monuments featuring superb mosaics.

Judith Herrin is emeritus professor of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies at King’s College, London.  One of the leading historians of the Byzantine world, she has written many highly-regarded books and articles. This conversation is based on Judith Herrin’s recent book Ravenna: Capital of Empire, Crucible of Europe, published by Princeton University Press in 2020. To learn more about Judith Herrin, visit her Wikipedia page or follow her on Twitter @JudithHerrin2 


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Top Image:Ravenna depicted in the Cosmographia (1600) by Sebastian Münster