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Byzantium in video games, with Troy Goodfellow

A conversation with Troy Goodfellow on how Byzantium and other premodern civilizations are represented in video games, and how the mechanics of the games structure those representations, player’s goals, and the dynamics of historical change.

Troy Goodfellow works in Public Relations for Paradox Interactive, a video game publisher based in Sweden that is best known for historically-based strategy games. You can follow Troy on Instagram or on Twitter @TroyGoodfellow


This episode was co-hosted by Marion Kruse, an Assistant Professor at the University of Cincinnati. Special thanks to many of the listeners who sent comments, advice and links in preparation for this episode.

Some of the video games that have references to Byzantium include:

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Top Image: Constantinople in Assassin’s Creed Revelations. Image by SobControllers / Flickr


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