213 medieval manuscripts now online, thanks to KBR

You can now browse through 213 medieval manuscripts, including Roman de Girart de Nevers, the Peterborough Psalter and the Chroniques de Hainaut, thanks to the Royal Library of Belgium, which is now known as KBR.

The manuscripts are part of the collection of the Library of the Dukes of Burgundy, which was started by Philip the Bold in the 14th century. The collection grew as the Burgundian dukes became interested in acquiring the works of many of 15th century Europe’s leading artists. By the time of Charles the Bold’s death the collection contained as many as 950 volumes, of which around 270 are now held at Brussels in the KBR. 


Among the manuscripts that have been digitized are Chroniques de Hainaut by Jacques de Guise, the Peterborough Psalter, the Histoires de Charles Martel, the Roman de Girart de Nevers and the Croniques et Conquestes de Charlemagne.

Click here to view all the digitized manuscripts in this collection.

The digitization is part of the new KBR museum, which is scheduled to open in Brussels on 18 September 2020. Click here for more information.

Top Image: La Somme le Roi – KBR ms. 9106


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