Medieval Academy of America launches webinar series in support of independent scholars

The Medieval Academy of America announces a new webinar series that provides advice for independent scholars and those considering or in the process of pivoting to career paths beyond traditional academe. The series is sponsored jointly by the MAA Committee for Professional Development and CARA (Committee on Center and Regional Associations).

Medievalists employed beyond the professoriate have much to bring to the discussion. Some have built careers in para-academic activities as professional proofreaders, indexers, editors, and translators, while others have gone further afield to work in online publishing, tourism, or publicly oriented scholarship. This two-webinar series will turn to our colleagues to empower fellow medievalists to seek out new employment opportunities using the skills we all share. Both webinars will run for 90 minutes and will include time for questions from the audience.


With the caveat that a successful freelance career can take years to develop, these webinars aim to provide a “beginning freelancer’s toolkit” to explore some of the following:

● How to monetize skills gained in training as a medievalist;
● Efforts needed to establish and expand a business (marketing, networking, rates, etc.);
● What hard skills are useful outside of the training medievalists normally receive;
● Resources available for related sectors;
● What the beginner should expect when starting off.

This series will take place in September. Both webinars are free and open to the public, but pre-registration is required. Click the links below to register. The webinars will be recorded and posted to the MAA YouTube channel.


Session 1: Para-academic Work September 8, 1–2:30 EDT

Moderator: Kavita Mudan Finn (PhD Literature, 2010) Independent Scholar; Senior Editor, The Public Medievalist


Sara Torres, (PhD English, 2014), Editing and Writing
Jonathan Farr, (PhD History, 2016), Indexing and Editing
Jennifer Paxton (PhD History, 1999), Long-Term Proofreading
Matthew Coneys, (PhD Modern Languages, 2017), Translation Services

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Session 2: Working Beyond Academia September 22, 1–2:30 EDT

Moderator: Sarah Celentano (PhD Art History, 2016), Museum Administration (Development and Fundraising)


Peter Konieczny (MA History, 1999, MLIS, 2002), Online Publishing
Tara Mendola (PhD Comparative Literature, 2014), Writing for Public Audiences
Ken Mondschein (PhD History, 2010; M.Ed Learning, Media, and Technology, 2021), Public History
Lindsey Hansen (PhD Art History, 2016), Scholarly Tours

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The Medieval Academy of America, founded in 1925, is the largest organization in the United States promoting excellence in the field of medieval studies. The Academy publishes the quarterly journal Speculum; awards prizes, grants, and fellowships; and supports research. Click here to visit their website or follow them on Twitter @MedievalAcademy


Top Image: A face in a choir stall armrest (c.1390), the Church of St Botolph, Boston, Lincolnshire, England – photo by Spencer Means / Flickr


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