How the borders of India changed in the Middle Ages

The Indian subcontinent would see the rise and fall of many states during the Middle Ages. Here are five videos to explain the changing borders.

Ollie Bye offers this video giving an overview of India, from ancient times to 2016

Culpable Injustice created a video of southern India, covering the years 1000 to 1334, which saw the Chola Empire replaced by the Delhi Sultanate.

This Youtuber also posted a video on the rise of the Vijayanagara Empire, between the years 1333 and 1401.

EmperorTigerstar offers this video of the history of the Mughal Empire, between the years 1494 and 1857.

To learn more about the medieval history of India, please also see video such as MocomiKids‘ Kings and Dynasties of India.

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