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The Middle Ages as seen through National Geographic

Through its magazine, website and videos National Geographic has become one of the most well known sources of information about the world. They cover a wide range of subjects, from science to culture, including taking a look back at past civilizations. Their Youtube Channel, which is growing up to 10,000 videos, includes many items related to the Middle Ages. Here are our 10 favourite videos.

How an Amateur Built the World’s Biggest Dome

In 1418, Filippo Brunelleschi was tasked with building the largest dome ever seen at the time. He had no formal architecture training. Yet experts still don’t fully understand the brilliant methods he used in constructing the dome, which tops the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence, Italy.


Experience Medieval Art and Architecture in Picturesque Brugge

Brugge has withstood economic downturns and world wars and remains one of the best-preserved examples of a medieval European settlement.

An Incredible Viking Voyage—Made Entirely of Paper

Watch a young viking learn how to identify the proper tree to build a ship, nail the craft together, and set off on a journey around Europe.


Welding a Saxon Sword

A bladesmith reveals just how intricately beautiful and difficult a Saxon sword was to weld.

A Fun, Animated History of the Reformation and the Man Who Started It All

On October 31, 1517, a rebellious German monk named Martin Luther is said to have nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of Castle Church. This simple act of protest sparked a religious revolution that would split Western Christianity and shake the foundations of Europe’s cultural identity.

Europe’s Largest Gothic Palace Was Once Home to Popes

Located in the sunny south of France, picturesque Avignon was once the seat of power for the Catholic Church. The historic center of Avignon is known for its architectural and cultural significance, both of which largely stem from its brief stint as the seat of the papacy.

Perfect Byzantine Ship

Robert Ballard and his team find a Byzantine ship perfectly preserved at the bottom of the Red Sea.


Engineering the Impossible: Chartres Cathedral

Building the great cathedral.

The Elves of Iceland

Explorer Correspondent Tim Samuels visits Iceland to investigate some unusual creatures preventing a major construction project from moving forward.

Medieval Forts Restored as Spectacular Hunza Valley Builds Its Future

Two medieval forts tower over Pakistan’s Hunza Valley, a region known for its traditional culture, as well as for forward-thinking views on opportunities for women.

Check out their Youtube Channel to watch more videos. National Geographic also publishes a History magazine, and creates special issues, including their latest publication: The Vikings: Lords of Sea and Sword