8-year-old girl discovers medieval sword in Swedish lake

A story making headlines around the world this week is the discovery of a medieval sword in Sweden. While an unusual event on its own, what is more remarkable is that the person who discovered it was an 8-year-old girl.

Saga Vanecek uncovered the item on July 15th at Lake Vidösten in the southern part of the country. At first she believed it was a stick, but then decided to pull it out and realized it was a sword.


Archaeologists from Jönköping County Museum believe the sword is about 1500 years old. Parts of its scabbard, made of wood and leather, were also found. They have further explored the area with a metal detector and have found a piece of bronze fibula brooch, which they also think dates to the early medieval period. They plan to continue to search the lake for more finds.

Bronze fibula discovered in the same area – photo courtesy Jönköping County Museum

Top Image: Sword discovered in Sweden – Photo by Andy Vanecek / Facebook



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