Medieval Youtube: From Byzantine anime to best medieval video games so far this year

Here are ten Youtube videos from the last month that will inform, entertain, and delight medievalists.

Top 10 NEW Medieval Games of 2018

Gameranx gives us their list – I’m surprised that we even have 10 medieval video games when it’s only June!


Medieval Marvels and Fictions – Michelle Karnes

Michelle Karnes, Associate professor of English at the University of Notre Dame, talks about her research on medieval marvels.

How to Live as a Medieval Noblewoman

Follow young English Heritage Members, Felicity and Olivia, on their visit to Framlingham Castle, in Suffolk, to learn all about the life of a medieval noblewoman. Find out what life was like in a medieval castle, how noblewomen behaved, dressed and learnt good table manners.


How to Play Carcassonne

Geek and Sundry introduces us to this classic board game.

Medieval China: Crash Course History of Science #8

Like Egypt, Sumer, and Mesoamerica, ancient China represents a hydraulic civilization—one that maintained its population by diverting rivers to aid in irrigation—and one that developed writing thousands of years ago. Today, we’re going to focus on the time of the Northern and Southern Song Dynasties, a time of great technical innovation. But, before we get to the Song, let’s take a tour through the ages and explore key elements of Chinese scientific culture.

Byzantine Empire Anime Opening

Remove DankMemes created this – makes you want him to make an entire show!

Did People in the Middle Ages Really Throw Fecal Matter Out of Their Windows?

Today I Found Out answers a viewer’s question and deals with medieval hygiene.

International Medieval Congress at 25: Kelly DeVries

Kelly DeVries reminisces about twenty-five years the International Medieval Congress at Leeds. If you go to the congress, sign up for one of his tours!

Pencilmate in the Middle Ages!

Another animated short from Pencilmation, a cartoon channel for kids and not-too-serious grown-ups.

Discover Barley Hall and Make Yourself at Home in Medieval York

A beautiful video from the Jorvik Group about their site Barley Hall in the city of York.