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The Medieval Magazine: Getting High in the Middle Ages (Volume 2 Issue 7)

medieval mag 59This week’s issue of The Medieval Magazine, which is over 50 pages long, examines hashish use in medieval Egypt, and you will see that people back then were debating the same issues around drug use as we do with marijuana today. From the 13th and 15th century people were coming up pro and against the drug made from cannabis, and authorities were constantly changing from imposing harsh penalties on users to allowing it for sale in the open. 

We also have pieces on executions in the Middle Ages, a discovery of a medieval village in Scotland, Viking women, Joan of Kent, and a profile of the band Stary Olsa, which is combining medieval and rock music.


In this week’s issue:

Hashish: Getting High in Medieval Egypt

The View from the Scaffold: Executions in the Middle Ages

The Global Side of Medieval at the Getty Centre

Woman’s Work and Family in the Viking Age

How You Can Join the Hunt for Holy Island’s Lost Monastery

Virtual Florence: religious art is ‘restored’ to its original setting

Stary Olsa: Where Rock ‘n’ Roll Meets Medieval Music

Virtual Florence: religious art is ‘restored’ to its original setting

and more…

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