Top 10 Medieval Videos of 2015

There are millions of videos about the Middle Ages being made each year – which ones are the best? We looked for ones that were interesting, educational and beautifully-filmed, and here is our top 10 list:

1. Why babies in medieval paintings look like ugly old men

Phil Edwards on Vox takes us into the world of medieval art and how the baby Jesus always looked like the adult Jesus. Learn more at


2. What is Magna Carta?

What makes this beautifully animated video about Magna Carta even better? Having Terry Jones of Monty Python fame as the narrator.

3. Medieval Monsters

Created by Oliver Mueller, this is actually a video about nature, but with a little medieval-twit. Macro, slow-motion and time-lapse techniques were combined with custom-built equipment to reveal the astonishing lives of dueling dragonflies, acid-firing ants and jousting stag beetles.


4. The Bedale Hoard

York Museums Trust produced this video about a Viking treasure hoard discovered in 2012, and what has been learned about it. The Bedale Hoard is now on display in the Yorkshire Museum, York.

5. Medieval rope-making in Visby market

From Lindybeige’s Youtube channel, who learned about historical rope-making while visiting Visby, Gotland, Sweden during “medieval week”.

6. How to Joust like a Medieval Knight

Filmed on location at Kenilworth Castle, this video from English Heritage offers a close-up view of jousting.

7. Medieval city life

Medieval Madness, better known as Jan, is starting to create educational videos on the Middle Ages. This wonderfully animated video is a great start!


8. Killer bunnies, phallic trees, and other weird medieval images

Youtuber Skallagrim takes a look at some freaky stuff found in illustrations from the Middle Ages.

9. Making a Viking / Medieval inspired Dress

Sayuri Shinichi combines her love of cosplay and making clothing in this video. Check out her Facebook page.

10. The prayer book of Mary of Guelders

This video was created by Johan Oosterman of Radboud University to highlight his crowdfunding campaign to help restore a 600 year old manuscript. Their campaign surpassed their goals, raising 32,700 €.