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The Medieval Magazine: Animals in the Middle Ages (Issue 41)

medieval mag 41From Parrots to Whales, this week we take a look at medieval wildlife. You can also read about medieval treasures in Madrid, Bells in England, a mad King in Norway, and a few fascinating archaeological discoveries.

Describing the Parrot in the Middle Ages

The 12th-century writer Alexander Neckam tells a tale of a mischievous parrot.

Medieval Wonders of MAN in Madrid

Danielle Trynoski explores the medieval exhibits at the Museo Arqueológico Nacional.

The Mad Norse King

The story of Sigurðr the Crusader, who reigned for over 25 years, reveals a fascinating account of mental illness from the 12th century.


14-century Birchbark Messages discovered in Russia

Ring Out the Old: Medieval Bells in England

15th-century church discovered on the Cape Verde Islands

Monstrous Fishes and the Mead-Dark Sea: An Interview with Vicki Ellen Szabo

and more…

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