If Books Could Talk: Medieval Manuscripts in Iowa

The University of Iowa Libraries, Special Collections holds many medieval manuscripts, and they have created a video series to talk about them. Hosted by Colleen Theisen, this series addresses questions that we would most like to ask the collection’s manuscripts.

The paper, bindings, bookplates, repairs, stains, handwritten notes, stamps and markings all leave traces that give clues to how they were made, where they have been, and can even tell about the lives of the people who have read them. We’re finding clues and following up with research to find out more. Four episodes have been released so far:

How did you get to Iowa?

Why is so much of you missing?

What can a single leaf tell us?

Does Size Matter? Clues, Cutting Quills, Tiny Writing and more

Learn more from the If Books Could Talk website at the University of Iowa

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Buy this issue for $2.99

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