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The Medieval Magazine – Issue 33

medieval mag 33This week we preview two new TV series set in the Middle Ages – The Bastard Executioner and The Last Kingdom – to see what they will be offering viewers. You can also find in this issue:

The earliest use of the F-word discovered

An English historian has come across the word ‘fuck’ in a court case dating to year 1310, making it the earliest known reference to the swear word.


Egypt: Faith after the Pharaohs comes to the British Museum

Preview the upcoming exhibition that will look at religion in Egypt during Later Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages

Ten Castles that Made Medieval Britain: Warwick Castle

Raised amidst the settling dust of the Norman Conquest, the traditional seat of the Earldom of Warwick has continually throughout its millennia long and oft glorious history fundamentally reinvented itself, making it the Madonna of medieval military architecture.


Telling the Story of the Ivory Vikings

Nancy Marie Brown reveals how her latest book Ivory Vikings: The Mystery of the Most Famous Chessmen in the World and the Woman Who Made Them came to be.

What do Cod Bones from the Mary Rose tell us about the global fish trade?

New stable isotope and ancient DNA analysis of the bones of stored cod provisions recovered from the wreck of the Tudor warship Mary Rose, which sank off the coast of southern England in 1545, has revealed that the fish in the ship’s stores had been caught in surprisingly distant waters.

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