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The Medieval Magazine – Issue 31

medieval magazine 31This week’s issue of The Medieval Magazine takes a look at Christianity in the Middle Ages. You will read about:

House of the Dead: The Rothwell Charnel Chapel

Death, and rituals surrounding the dead have frightened and fascinated people for centuries. How did medieval people remember their dead? What did they believe happened when a person died? How did their commemoration differ from our modern conception of grief and remembrance? The Rothwell Charnel Chapel and Ossuary Project seeks to answer these questions, in addition to offering the public a glimpse of one of only two surviving “ in situ” charnel houses in England.


Did Any Medieval Christians Doubt their Faith?

It is a common misconception that during the Middle Ages, all people in Europe were firm believers in Christianity (or Judaism and Islam for those smaller communities). The idea that medieval Christians doubted the tenets of their faith, or could even be atheists, has until recently been dismissed.

The population of priests, monks and nuns in medieval England

How many men and women in medieval England had religious careers serving as priests, monks or nuns? The question was actually examined over seventy years ago, with some surprising results.


How Hagia Sophia was Built

Stories and legends from the Patria on how the greatest church of the Byzantine world was built.

Ten Castles that Made Medieval Britain: Edinburgh Castle

Few indeed are those architectural legacies still remaining to us that can boast the iconic status of Edinburgh Castle, its distinctive silhouette known throughout the world, accompanied by the gently wafting of bagpipes. Far rarer still are those structures with a comparably singular influence upon the shaping of a nation.

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