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The Medieval Magazine – Issue 24

medievalverse 24This week’s issue of The Medieval Magazine (aka The Medievalverse) includes:

How Christianity came to Europe

During the Middle Ages nearly all the lands of Europe converted to Christianity. In this short guide, we take a look at how various lands adopted Christianity, including by means of missionary efforts, politics and warfare.

‘But Where are the Dungeons?’: How to Engage the Public at the Tower of London


Examining how historical sites, like the Tower of London, engage the public. How to handle visitor expectations, what do people come to see and how to tell history in a captivating but accurate manner.

Medievalist helps scientists rewrite climate records

In a paper published in the world-leading scientific journal, Nature, Cronor Kostick’s research into medieval evidence for climate events pinpoint the relationship between historical volcanic activity and severe winters.


The Afterlife of the Dead: Reform in Attitude Towards Medieval Burials, Corpses and Bones

Coverage of three papers from the International Medieval Congress on death, burial and the treatment of corpses.

Minecraft and the Middle Age

It is one of the most popular video games ever created. Moreover, educators are finding ways to use Minecraft as a teaching tool, and one that could be ideal for learning about the Middle Ages.

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