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Ten Thoughts on Game of Thrones: High Sparrow

Taking a look at Episode 3 of Season 5 from Game of Thrones:

game of thrones season 5 ep 3

1) It seems that plotlines are shaping up to make Winterfell an important place for this season and things do not look good for the Boltons. King Stannis has announced that his army will leave the Wall and march on Winterfell within a fortnight. Meanwhile, inside the capital of the North there is one, and perhaps two, individuals who can cause trouble from within. Meanwhile, Ramsay Bolton continues to show that he prefers brutal violence as a way of getting what he wants, which is not the best way to make friends. And, as we heard this week, ‘The North Remembers’.

2) We are getting a few signs that Reek might be remembering that he was once Theon Greyjoy. One big tell is that he hides from the sight of Sansa Stark as she walks by, as if he knows that elder Stark daughter would remember him.


3) Meanwhile Sansa makes a big decision this week, as she returns to Winterfell to marry Ramsay Bolton, but does she have the skill and fortitude to carry out any plan of revenge? In the last season she began to take a few steps away from being the passive princess, and being tutored by Littlefinger can only make her more devious. However, she does not realize what a man that Ramsay Bolton is, and his sadistic traits might be too much for her.

4) Not having read the books, I am blissfully unaware that the show is diverging from the novels, but much of the talk on social media is that this storyline of Sansa marrying Ramsay is much different from how George R.R. Martin originally wrote it. The show’s producers have talked about this, saying to Entertainment Weekly: “You have this storyline with Ramsay. Do you have one of your leading ladies—who is an incredibly talented actor who we’ve followed for five years and viewers love and adore—do it? Or do you bring in a new character to do it? To me, the question answers itself: You use the character the audience is invested in.”

5) I am still wondering which side Petyr Baelish is on – is he making this alliance with Roose Bolton or is he laying a trap for him? His character is one of intricate plots, so I think his real motivations have not been revealed yet.


6) Heading a little further north,  we go to The Wall, where Jon Snow is starting to take on his role as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. He quickly is forced to make his first crucial decision, as Janos Slynt disobeys a direct order and insults Jon. Without hesitation, Jon has his him executed, with him swinging the final blow. I think all the viewers were like Stannis – nodding in approval.

7) King’s Landing is home to much of the other action in this episode, as both Margaery and Cersei show their skill at twisting men to their will – the new queen with King Tommen, and the queen mother with this new character the High Sparrow. Margaery seemingly has an easier path as the young king seems to be very impressionable. However, we can see that Cersei is plotting something when she speaks to the High Sparrow, telling him: “The faith and the crown are the two pillars that hold up this world. If one collapses, so does the other. We must do everything necessary to protect one another.”

8) The storyline taking place at Braavos, with Arya trying to be a faceless man. It wasn’t the most exciting scenes for me, but George R.R. Martin gives an excellent explanation of what is happening here.


9) The final scenes show that even if Tyrion is thousands of miles away from Westeros, he soon finds trouble. The returning Jorah Mormont might be a little off-hinged, as his rash plan to kidnap Tyrion and take him to Daenerys Targaryen, perhaps so he could restore his good name with her, might be the by-product of having to see that prostitute dressed as the Dragon Queen walking around him for how many countless days at that brothel.

10) Best tweets from the last few hours:


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