What’s Happening in Medieval Archaeology this Summer

Here are some videos posted this summer about archaeological work currently taking place that involves medieval finds.

Crossrail Archaeology: Behind the Hoardings

The construction of Crossrail through the heart of London is resulting in one of the most extensive archaeological programmes ever undertaken in the UK. Crossrail currently operates over 40 worksites and archaeological investigations will be carried out at each site ahead of main construction works to build the central stations.

The project gives archaeologists an exceptional opportunity to reveal the layer cake of history that is hidden below the city’s streets. We are now over half-way through our planned archaeological programme and these pages bring together some of the key discoveries to-date. Lead Archaeologist Jay Carver gives a short overview of some of the key finds that we have uncovered to date. Click here to learn more about the archaeological work being done as part of the Crossrail Project.

Archaeology Festival at Corfe Castle

National Trust Archaeologist Martin Papworth talks about a dig at Corfe Castle, Dorset as part of the 2014 Festival of Archaeology.

Dig Ventrues at Leiston Abbey

Please visit their website for more details and videos about this project.

Cromlech Tumulus at Achill Island, Ireland

The first in a series of videos on the Achill Project and the Achill Archaeological Field School. Please visit their website to see more about the projects, including weekly videos from throughout this summer.

West Hall Manor, Sedgeford

Part of a larger dig of the Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project, this video to focuses on a small, exploratory trenches at the West Hall Manor site, which was controlled by Norwich Cathedral priory in medieval times. Please visit the Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project for more details.

Berkeley Castle Archaeological Dig

This summer students at the University of Bristol spent several weeks digging at Berkeley Castle. In this video, the students talk about what they miss most about their time at Berkeley Castle. Visit their Youtube page for more videos and this page on the University of Bristol website to learn more about the project.

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