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Viking Winter Camps

Viking Winter Camps: Creating a Model using Geospatial Statistical Analysis

Paper given by Danielle Trynoski and Matthew Ziebarth.

Given at the 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies, at Western Michigan University on May 8, 2014

Viking Winter CampsDanielle Trynoski and Matthew Ziebarth talk about their project to locate previously unknown winter camps used by the Vikings during their raids into the British Isles and Western Europe. By looking at where the Vikings placed their Winter Camps at Repton and Torksey in England, and in the Irish city of Dublin, they will be Geospatial Statistical Analysis models to figure out where other potential camps may have been situated.

For more details about the project, please contact Danielle Trynoski and Matthew Ziebarth at

See also The Viking Cities of Dublin and York: Examining Scandinavian Cultural Change and Viking Urbanism by Danielle Trynoski

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