Castle for Sale in France: Château de La Rochepot

Castle for Sale in France

Château de La Rochepot

Burgundy, France

Asking Price: 3 200 000 €

Perched on a cliff-side above a medieval village, Château de La Rochepot dates back to the 13th century.

Castle for Sale in France

After the twelfth-century castle on this site was destroyed by a fire, a new castle was built, incorporating the only surviving part of the original keep – a chapel. During the Middle Ages it would be home to important figures of Burgundy, including Régnier Pot, the chamberlain to Philip the Bold. His grandson Philippe Pot, was born in Château de La Rochepot, and became “the most accomplished knight of his time,” serving the Dukes of Burgundy and later the King of France as the Grand Seneshal of Burgundy. It was during this period that the castle was further expanded.

After the Middle Ages, Château de La Rochepot would pass between various members of the French nobility. After the French Revolution it was declared national property stripped of much of its stonework. The ruin was purchased in 1893 by the wife of the President of France, and their eldest son began a massive project to restore the castle. After 25 years of restoration, which included archaeological excavations and bringing in skilled craftsmen, Château de La Rochepot was restored to how it would have looked in the 15th century.

Castle for Sale in France

Today Château de La Rochepot is a major tourist attraction and is open five months a year – see their website for more details.

The property for sale is 69 acres in size and includes the fortified castle with over 30 rooms, as well as two other buildings and parts of the ruins from the 12th century castle.  Realtor Patrice Besse describes the keep:

The castle is well protected by a barbican, false braies and a drawbridge topped with machicolation. It was defended via loopholes, arrow and gun loops as well as two round towers connected to one another via two wall-walks. Both wall-walks still have their battlements closed by small wooden shutters, the one connecting the Tour Marlot to the former keep has machicolation with external corbelling. The drawbridge protects the wooden carriage door entrance. Above the door, it is possible to see the Pot family coats-of-arms sculpted in the stone. Once through the entrance gates situated on the stationary bridge, the castle can be entered via the drawbridge’s large wooden gates and via the pedestrian gate. Inside the gatehouse, the old 3-storey dwelling that remains is unoccupied and awaits restoration. In the middle of the courtyard, a wrought iron well is an authentic copy of the one that can be seen at the Hôtel-Dieu in Beaune. The courtyard features green boxwood and flowers. Having crossed the courtyard and passed a door sculpted with an escutcheon bearing the Beaujeu coat-of arms, we find a terrace overlooking the entire courtyard and its plantations.

Castle for Sale in Burgundy

To learn more about Château de La Rochepot, please visit the Patrice Besse website

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