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Life in Medieval Times – Unit Plan for Grade 8 students

Unit Title: “Rise from the rubble: The middle ages an emerging society”

This unit plan is intended for grade 8 social studies. The main goal of this unit is to introduce life in the Middle Ages and in turn have the students relate Medieval times to their daily lives. This introductory unit is intended to serve as a culminating section. A further exploration into the Middle Ages is necessary to cover various topics such as the role of church, economy, culture and the Crusades to name several important concepts (Patterns of Civilization, chapter 4). Students will be involved in critical thinking and drawing connections between their lives and interpreting events in history thus, learning how to make important connections between Medieval times and their daily lives.

A variety of activities and teaching methods will be used to introduce life in the Middle Ages. Students will be required to plan, revise, and deliver written and oral presentations as well as co-operatively plan and implement group presentations and projects. Many lessons in this unit focus on an interactive approach to learning, where students will be required to critically assess the past by completing various compare and contrast activities. Hopefully I will provoke the interest of all students by introducing a number of dynamic activities, lessons and projects. I have attempted to appeal to all styles of learning by facilitating a variety of activities for example use of videos, games, creative individual writing, art projects, and presentations. Co-operative learning and active participation in group activities, class discussions, and presentations will also be emphasized through a variety of themes throughout this unit.


By the end of this unit students will be encouraged to explore an area or topic of interest relating to the Middle Ages. This topic will be presented during the 8th lesson to provide a scope of new material and review some of themes we have already explored. Throughout this unit students will be encouraged to develop understandings through brainstorming activities, writing individual reflections, creating their own manor, and presenting in groups an area of interest to the class. Throughout this entire unit I will use a variety of learning tools and activities to capture the student’s interest in the Middle Ages and create a meaningful learning experience.

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