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Famine, War and Plague: In Search of a Medieval Crisis

Famine, War and Plague: In Search of a Medieval Crisis

By Fin Dwyer

Published Online – Irish History Podcast (2012)

Introduction: In the 14th century Europe experienced one of the worst crises in recorded human history which saw war, famine and plague decimate the population. In Ireland this crisis developed in a society already wracked by deep divisions and political upheaval.

Although brewing for decades this crisis began in earnest in 1315 when one of the worst famines of medieval history gripped Ireland.This was followed by a period of extreme violence between the resurgent Gaelic Irish and the Norman Barons. The crisis reached its zenith when the Black Death struck Ireland killing between 30% and 50% of the population in 1348 and early 1349.

This 14th century crisis is the subject of an upcoming audiobook I am writing at the moment and here’s a taste of what to expect!

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