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Game of Thrones Review: SE02 EP06 – “The Old Gods and the New”

“Don’t trust anybody – life is safer that way”. ~ Shae

On this week’s episode of Game of Thrones, Theon attacks Winterfell, Dany looks for allies, Arya is exposed and Jon meets his match.

“Theon, did you hate us the whole time.” ~ Bran

In a show of bravado, Theon decides to attack his former home of Winterfell. Bran yields to Theon but not without some initial defiance. Theon is greeted as an ingrate by his former friends and caregivers. Theon instructs ravens to be sent to inform his father of the taking of Winterfell.


“Gods help you Theon Greyjoy, now you are truly lost” ~ Ser Roderick

Theon is so desperate to impress his father and win the respect of his men that he executes Ser Roderick after Roderick spits in his face. Initially, he moves to toss him in the dungeon but is quickly told by one of his men that if Ser Roderick doesn’t pay the “iron price”, Theon will be reviled and never have their respect. Theon bows to the pressure to impress instead of doing what is right and executes an honourable man. He further shows he’s a poor judge of character when Osha outwits him and escapes the castle with Hodor and Bran after bedding Theon.

Meanwhile, Arya manages to pocket a letter about Rob but is captured by one of Tywin’s knights. She calls in a “favour” and her identity remains a secret. Littlefinger arrives to speak with Tywin and he notices her but does nothing – was the letter a plant? Will Littlefinger return to expose her?


Jon’s rangers come across a wildling camp and captures a woman named Ygritte. They decide to kill her but Jon can’t bring himself to kill a woman and Ygritte escapes. He pursues her but runs so far away that he loses his men and is stuck with Ygritte for the night much to her enjoyment and his dismay.

“And now I struck a king, did my hand fall from my wrist?!” ~ Tyrion

The people of King’s Landing hate Joffrey and rise against him because they are oppressed and starving. Instead of showing restraint, Joff’s response is to order the entire crowd dispatched. Chaos ensues and Tyrion, Joff and Sansa narrowly escape with their lives. Tyrion is tired of Joff’s stupidity and cruelty – he knows if this keeps up, the Lannisters won’t last five minutes in King’s Landing. Tyrion is desperately trying to keep their tenuous hold on King’s Landing firm but has met his match in his nephew’s arrogance and idiocy. He is kept busy putting out Joff’s fires.

In Qarth Dany is busy securing support for her cause. She meets the Spice King and asks for help to regain her birthright – She asks for ships. She believes she is no ordinary woman because she is the Mother of Dragons, but is refused in spite of her dragons. After a frustrating day, Dany returns to her quarters and finds it ransacked and her dragons taken.


“How can I call myself king if I can’t hold my own castle?!” ~ Rob

Lastly, Rob gets the raven that tells of Theon’s attack and betrayal. He sends men North to retake Winterfell because he can’t leave without losing ground in the war for the Iron Throne. This episode also highlights Rob’s attraction to Lady Talisa Maegyr of Volantis however, Kat sadly reminds her son that he is promised to another.

Tune in with us next week for another exciting episode of “Game of Thrones”, Sunday on HBO at 9pm.