New light on the colonisation of Nyland/Uusimaa

New light on the colonisation of Nyland/Uusimaa

By Georg Haggrén & Henrik Jansson

Ennen Ja Nyt, Vol.4 (2004)

Introduction: Especially the late Iron Age but even the medieval period is a poorly known period in the history of the coast and archipelago of southern Finland. The archival sources are scarce and the hitherto known archaeological finds are, if possible, even rarer. Through combining historical and archaeological research we can get more information about Nyland/Uusimaa during this period. Besides the traditional humanistic sciences there are other disciplines, which have proven to be very useful in researching prehistoric and early historic periods. In our project several disciplines are also combined. These include archaeology and history, as well as environmental sciences such as geology and palynology. The primary aims are to investigate the development of the environment and the human activities, resource utilization and settlement history of the area with an emphasis on maritime adaptations and the utilization of the archipelagic resources. This includes e.g. occupation, harbour, navigation, subsistence and ritual activities.

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