Articles and Theses posted in March 2009

Here is the list of articles and theses posted to in March 2009:

Historical materials from the medieval fortress Bač

The Emergence of the Prototype of the Modern Hospital in Medieval Islam

Fast Food in Medieval Europe

The Norse in Newfoundland: L’Anse aux Meadows and Vinland

Gold and its Significance in Beowulf

Reims Cathedral

Presenting and Discussing Pietro Perugino, Delivery of the Keys to Saint Peter: A Suggested Approach

Early Castles in the Medieval Landscape of Rutland

Concepts of ‘castle’ and the construction of identity in medieval and post-medieval Ireland

Teaching Medieval Castles

Violent Imagery in Late Medieval Piety

Ptolemy’s East Africa in Early Medieval Arab Geography

Ibn Zuhr’s Contributions to Surgery

On the Mediaeval Arabic Knowledge of the Star Alpha Eridani

The Origin of the Astrolabe According to the Medieval Islamic Sources

A Mediaeval Compendium of Arabic Medicine: Abu Sahl al-Masihi’s Book of the Hundred

One Hundred Years of Sodomy: Courtliness and the Deployment of Sodomy in Twelfth-Century Histories of Britain


‘Of Your Herte Up Casteth the Visage’: Turning Troilo/Troilus’s Eyes to God

The Platonic-Aristotelian Hybridity of Aquinas’s Aesthetic Theory

Techniques for Preserving a Tradition: Incorporating Fortune and Faith in the Consolatio Philosophiae

Reading the Future and Freeing the Will: Astrology of the Arabic World and Albertus Magnus

‘Thanne Have I Gete of Yow Maistrie’: Power and the Subversive Body in Chaucer’s Wife of Bath

The Music of Dante’s Purgatorio

The development of the Florentine silk industry: a positive response to the crisis of the fourteenth century


Medieval Welsh Noblewomen: The Case of Margaret of Bromfield

Exile as evidence of civic identity in Florence in the time of Dante: some examples

Islamic Alchemy and the Birth of Chemistry

The Early Development of Astrology in al-Andalus

The Battlefield Taunt: Violence and Humor in the Chansons de Geste

Seeing the World with the Eyes of God: The Vision Implied by the Medieval Icon

“A knight from Flanders”. Noble migration and integration in the North in the late Middle Ages


Migrant Society to Island Nation: Sicily

The People of the Orient as Seen by the Chroniclers of King Manuel I

Land Administration in Medieval Japan: Ito no shô in Chikuzen Province, 1131–1336

A ‘very curious Almanack’: the gift of Sir Robert Moray FRS, 1668

Towards a Social History of Byzantium

The Idea of a Middle Ages

Volcanoes and the Climate Forcing of Carolingian Europe, A.D. 750-950

Reading Theology to the Brothers: The Background to St. Anthony’s Opus Dominicale

Before the Welfare State: the City and Welfare in the Veneto, 13th to 15th Centuries

The Painted Churches of Northern Moldavia

Seljuk Architecture and Urbanism in Anatolia

The Saxon Statement: Code in the Bayeux Tapestry

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

An English chronicle entry on Robin Hood

The Uniqueness of Florence’s Renaissance Experience

1367: The Founding of the Spanish College at Bologna

The Treaties of the Carolingians

The Medieval Marriage Market

Some Monte Cassino Scribes in the Eleventh Century

Basic Elements of Islamic Portugal: A Survey

The Conquest of Silves: A Contemporary Narrative

The Emperor Majorian’s Secret Embassy to the Court of the Vandal Gaiseric

Constantine VIII and Michael Psellos: Rhetoric, Reality, and the Decline of Byzantium, AD 1025-28

The Apology of Demetrius Cydones: A Fourteenth-Century Autobiographical Source

The Tactics and Strategy of Alexius Comnenus at Calavrytae, 1078


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