The Middle Ages in HD

HD Video is a relatively new technology which allows for video to be sharper and have a better resolution. Within recent years, HD televisions and HD camrecorders have become relatively inexpensive for the general public, and many television channels are now showing some or all of their programming in HD.  

High Definition technology will be a useful tool for medievalists, as the higher video quality allows viewers to see more detail when looking at medieval artwork and structures.  Our website hopes to produce videos in HD quality (a project we hope to begin in the next few years) and we will keep track of programs and videos in HD related to the Middle Ages.

Please read our Interview with John Panikkar of High Fidelity HDTV about HD Channels and medieval-themed programming.

On the Internet, several websites are starting to show videos in HD, including Youtube.  Below are several videos from the website Vimeo, which offers much of their content in HD. 


Carcassone's medieval castle from Houbahop on Vimeo.

Churches in Romney Marsh, southeastern England

Medieval Churches of Romney Marsh in HD from Spud Gun on Vimeo.

Trailer to Catalan film Alma Cubrae

Teaser Alma Cubrae from Albert Blanch on Vimeo.

Akershus Castle in Oslo Norway

Akershus Castle in Oslo Norway. from HDman on Vimeo.

Ingelsträde Medieval Fair in Sweden

Ingelsträde Medieval fair from Thomas Karlsson on Vimeo.

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