King Olaf Gudrødsson

King Olaf Gudrødsson

By Jon Johannesson

Thridji Vikingafundur [Third Viking Congress], edited by Kristján Eldjárn Ritsjóri (Reykjavik, 1958)

Introduction: In the Ynglingatal, which was composed in honour of a certain King Rognvald, probably in the first quarter of the 10th century, the principal events of the life of this King Rognvald’s father, King Olaf Gudrødsson of Vestfold in Norway, are outlined.  Irish and Scottish annals and other authorities, on the other hand, mention a King Olaf Gudrødsson (Amhlaeibh mac Godfraidh) of Dublin, who raided Ireland and Scotland in the years 853-871 and assumed cheiftainship over an extensive stte there.  Historians were bound to notice the resemblance of the two names, but few of them have been able to conclude that they referred to the same man, because the chronology of the Kings of Vestfold as it is represented by Old Icelandic historians does not quite agree with the date of King Olaf of Dublin according to British sources.

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