Ornamental structures in the medieval gardens of Scotland

Ornamental structures in the medieval gardens of Scotland

Cooper, Scott

Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 129 (1999), 817-839

ABSTRACT:  This article examines evidence for the existence of ornamental structures within gardens belonging to the aristocracy of medieval Scotland. To complement this study it also evaluates evidence for closely related structures, such as those set within castle courtyards and hunting parks. Like garden buildings, these were relatively small in scale and apparently designed with as much, if not more, concern for their aesthetic as their practical value. In this connection, the form, sources and iconography of the surviving fountain at Linlithgow Palace are closely assessed, and it is suggested that this sophisticated work of architecture must have consolidated and further inspired a tradition for creating ornamental buildings within the garden (and indeed the parks and courtyards) of Scotland’s finest homes.

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