Crusades with Terry Jones

Released in 1995, Crusades was a four part series that examined the European attempt at conquering the Holy Land during the Middle Ages.  The program was hosted by Terry Jones, one of the comedians from the famed Monty Python group, who has become a popular medieval historian and writer.

Although the series was aimed for a more general audience, it was backed up by several notable historians, including Jonathan Riley-Smith.  Jones is very good as both the narrator and as a modern-day participant in the journey from Europe to Jerusalem.  The first two episodes concentrate on the First Crusade, while the remaining two look at Later Crusades and the gradual defeat of the Crusaders.


The series has been shown on television for years, and is widely available on DVD. For a review of the DVD, click here.  It is also now available on YouTube:


Part 1: Pilgrims in Arms


Part 2: Jerusalem

Part 3: Jihad


Part 4: Destruction

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