Crusaders and Settlers in the Latin East

Crusaders and Settlers in the Latin East

By Jonathan Riley-Smith
Ashgate Publishing, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-7546-5967-9

The studies here reflect Jonathan Riley-Smith’s work as a historian, which began with research on the history of the military orders, the specific focus of the third section here. Out of this grew the concerns covered in the previous sections: an interest in the political and constitutional history of the kingdom of Jerusalem and the relations of the western settlers with the indigenous population of Palestine and Syria; the theory of crusading, involving research on theology and canon law, and the rôle of the popes as preachers, and at the same time detailed consideration of the responses of lay men and women to the ideas that were being presented to them. The two final papers explore some of the implications of crusading ideology and mythology in the modern world.

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Casualties and the number of knights on the 1st Crusade

Early crusaders to the East and the costs of crusading, 1095-1130

Family traditions and participation in the 2nd Crusade

Toward an understanding of the 4th Crusade as an institution

Crusading as an act of love

Christian violence and the crusades

The politics of war: France and the Holy Land

Families, crusades and settlement in the Latin East, 1102-1131

Some lesser officials in Latin Syria

Government in Latin Syria and the commercial privileges of foreign merchants

King Fulk of Jerusalem and ‘the Sultan of Babylon’

Government and the indigenous in the Latin kingdom of Jerusalem

The crown of France and Acre, 1254-1291

The origins of the commandery in the Temple and the Hospital

Guy of Lusignan, the Hospitallers and the gates of Acre

Further thoughts on the layout of the Hospital in Acre

Were the Templars guilty?

The structures of the Orders of the Temple and the Hospital in c. 1291

The Order of St John, 1827-1858

Islam and the crusades in history and imagination, 8 November 1898-11 September 2001

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