The Liturgical Drama in Medieval Spain

The Liturgical Drama in Medieval Spain 

By Richard B. Donovan

Toronto: Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies, 1958

From the Introduction: A study devoted to the medieval liturgical drama of Spain has been long overdue. The subject of the liturgical drama is not only fascinating in itself, but is of importance for the history of the theater. Almost all historians see in the dramatic compositions employed by the medieval church in Western Europe one of the principal origins of modern drama.


CHAPTER 1: Introduction

CHAPTER 2: The Origin and Development of Liturgical Drama

CHAPTER 3: The Coming of the Roman Rite to Spain

CHAPTER 4: Liturgical Drama at Toledo

CHAPTER 5: Other Liturgical Plays West of Catalonia

CHAPTER 6: Reasons for the Scarcity of Liturgical Plays West of Catalonia

CHAPTER 7: Liturgical Plays in Catalonia: Vich and the Seo de Urgel

CHAPTER 8: The Liturgical Drama at Gerona

CHAPTER 9: Plays at Mallorca

CHAPTER 10: Valencia and the Liturgical Drama

CHAPTER 11: Further Examples of Liturgical Drama in Catalonia

CHAPTER 12: A Brief History of the Dramatic Monologue of the Sibyl

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