Money, Banking And Credit In Mediaeval Bruges

Money, Banking And Credit In Mediaeval Bruges: Italian Merchant Bankers Lombards And Money-Changers; A Study In The Origins Of Banking

By Raymond D. Roover

Cambridge: Mediaeval Academy of America, 1948

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The Italian Colonies in Flanders: Their Establishment, their Legal Status, and their Social Life

3. The Organization of the Italian Mercantile and Banking Houses with branches in Bruges

4. The Business of Exchange and the mechanisum of the Money Market

5. The Vicissitues of the Money Market and the Perils of Investment in Public Loans

6. The Legal Status of Licenced Usury

7. The Pawnbroking Business

8. The Social Problem of Consumers’ Credit

9. The Struggle against Secrecy Usury and the Surival of Casual Credit

10. The Money-Changers: The Legal and Social Background

11. A General Picture of the Money-Changers’ Business

12. The Flemish Currency System, the Trade in Bullion and the Money Market

13. Bank Deposits as Money

14. Loans and Investments

15. Bank Failures and Public Policy

16. Conclusions


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