The Fine Line Between Courage and Fear in Procopius’s Vandal War

The emotion of ‘fear takes center stage in the Vandal War by Procopius. Recent scholarship has underlined Procopius’s stress on the febrile anxiety that gripped Constantinople when the Emperor Justinian announced his military expedition to recover the former Roman provinces of North Africa from the Vandals.

Dracontius and the Wider World: Cultural and Intellectual Interconnectedness in Late Fifth-Century Vandal North Africa

The traditional image of Vandal North Africa as a place of oppression has largely been shattered under the weight of modern scholarly investigation. In recent years, scholars from various fields have come together to greatly enhance our understanding of Vandal North Africa.

Settlement and Taxes: the Vandals in North Africa

With the Vandals, the migration of Northern barbarians flowed into a region that had of course been weakened by innumerable internal crises but was still essentially wealthy, productive and well governed.

Rebaptism as a Ritual of Cultural Integration in Vandal Africa

Midway through the first book of his History of the Vandal Persecution, Victor of Vita narrates the story of a Vandal master who deemed it appropriate to allow his two Roman slaves, Martinianus and Maxima, to marry.

Byzantines, Goths and Lombards in Italy: Jewellery, Dress and Cultural Interactions

The temptation is naturally to seek differences or contrasts from one power to another, to reinforce the conflict and tension identified in contemporary historians.

The Emperor Majorian’s Secret Embassy to the Court of the Vandal Gaiseric

Was Procopius recounting history or simply preserving a legend? Did he compose it originally or was it take from another source and inserted merely as a diversion from his main narrative?

The Role of Arianism in the Vandal Kingdom

My study will focus on one point: what was the role of religion in the development of the above mentioned beliefs and in the preservation of the true identity of the Vandals?

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