Scholars discover fragments of French medieval epics

The larger fragment is a section of text from the Chanson de Guillaume, one of the earliest surviving Old French texts, known until now in only one manuscript. The smaller fragment comes from a manuscript of Foulque de Candie, a late twelfth-century poem.

Regency Medievalism and the Early-Romantic Guitar

Professor Christopher Page, a celebrated musician and musicologist, will be coming to the University of Bristol on Thursday to give a lecture, entitled ‘Regency Medievalism and the Early-Romantic Guitar’, which will consider how the guitar, so favoured by amateur musicians among the nobility and gentry by 1830, came to be involved with a developing interest in the Middle Ages during the Regency period.

Arthurian scholars meet in Bristol

World-leading experts on the legend of King Arthur gather in Bristol next week for the 23rd Triennial Congress of the International Arthurian Society, hosted by the University of Bristol. The Society was founded in 1948 and has twelve national branches in Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand, and Japan. The conference, organised by Professor […]

The Medieval West: The Formation and Reception of a Cultural Community

The culture of the West Country in the Middle Ages and its role in shaping the identity of Medieval England is the focus of a new research project at the University of Bristol. The project aims to bring together researchers from across the region to initiate a re-examination of the Medieval West encompassing its legends, literature […]

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