Medieval English Embroidery on Display for the Last Time at the V&A’s Opus Anglicanum Exhibit

The V&A Museum opened its latest medieval exhibit exhibit on Saturday: Opus Anglicanum: Masterpieces of English Medieval Embroidery. I had the opportunity to see it opening day and it was spectacular.

Places to See: London in 7 Drinks

Can you tell history through a pint? Or a cup of coffee perhaps? According to Dr. Matthew Green you can. The historian and author turned his passion for history into Unreal City Audio: London Walking Tours.

BOOK REVIEW – London: A Travel Guide Through Time by Dr. Matthew Green

Love London? Then you will love this book. A fascinating trek through time looking the pivotal moments in London’s history.

Book Review: Hidden Britain by Alvin Nicholas

Tourism with a twist? Tired of the same old tours and droning guides? Alvin Nicholas’s book on manors, mansions, castles, nooks and crannies, reveals there’s more to Britain than meets the eye.

Historical Re-enactments: The Production and Design of Viking Festival Experiences

The main idea behind this study is to look into Viking festivals’ contents, characteristics and its concept development. Together with that we test out the Experience design model effectiveness for using in the event studies. I

Making the Castle a Home: Creating an Immersive Medieval World Using Live Costumed Interpreters

How does the use of unscripted, adaptive, historical interpretation boost the tourist experience? Right on the heels of our look at the Tower of London’s visitor engagement, we heard a paper from Lauren Johnson, Research Manager for Past Pleasures, the oldest historical interpretation company in the UK who educate and entertain the public at historical sites, museums, on stage and and on TV.

‘But Where are the Dungeons?’: How to Engage the Public at the Tower of London

A talk about how historical sites, like the Tower of London engage the public. How to handle visitor expectations, what do people come t see and how to tell history in a captivating but accurate manner.

Ireland’s Ancient East campaign to showcase country’s medieval sites

The Irish government has started a tourism campaign – Ireland’s Ancient East – in hopes that the country’s heritage will attract another 600,000 overseas visitors per year.

10 Cool Medieval Things to See at the Musée de Cluny

I just visited Muée de Cluny this week while in Paris and picked out a few fabulous items you might want to check out on your next visit to this amazing medieval museum!

Places to See: Notre Dame – Part I

Part I of my initial visit to stunning Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

Places to See: Sainte Chapelle

Travelling to Paris ? Add this beautiful thirteenth century Capetian chapel to your MUST-SEE list for your next visit!

King Richard III Visitor Centre now open

The site where Richard III’s remains were discovered in 2012 has now become a museum to the English king and the remarkable archaeological find.

Charlemagne still kicking 1200 years later or Morangles Early Medieval Holidays

T.S. Morangles takes a trip to see all things Carolingian and Merovingian!

Viking Canada

Newfoundland is at the heart of what we may consider to be ‘Viking Canada.’

The Use of History in Dracula Tourism in Romania

In this article I will examine what kinds of history and tradition are used and told in Dracula tourism in Romania, and which eras of history are highlighted and why.

Battlefield tourism: meanings and interpretations

Battlefield sites are some of the most iconic locations in any nation’s store of heritage attractions and continue to capture the imagination of visitors. They have strong historic, cultural, nationalistic and moral resonances and speak to people on a national as well as a local scale.

Researchers trace medieval pilgrimage route in Scotland

A report released earlier this month has revealed the ways medieval pilgrims would travel to the one of Scotland’s most holiest sites.

Twilight Tours at the Tower of London!

A review of the Twilight Tour at the Tower of London!

York Minster Revealed shows 2000 years of history

A brand new visitor attraction has opened at York Minster last month.’Revealing York Minster’ tells the story of the last 2000 years at the historic site, from the Romans to its modern day custodians.

A review of Irish medieval castles as a tourist facility

Of all heritage features which lie spread across the Irish landscape, it is perhaps the vast array of medieval castle which – more than any other – offer the most evocative testament to the country’s military and belligerent past

Irish city of Kilkenny to receive €5.5 million for ‘Medieval Mile’ tourist project

‘Kilkenny is steeped in rich culture and history, and is already one of Ireland’s top tourist centres. This investment will reinforce the city’s position as a major tourism hub and will make it more attractive for people to do business’

Medieval town walls as a tourist resource: Dublin and Chester: a comparative study

Ireland has a large number of towns where significant elements of their medieval walls survive to the present time. The City of Londonderry, for example, has its wall almost totally intact, while Athenry and Fethard are two lesser known examples where again virtually the entire lengths of their respective town wall circuits can be seen today.

Book of Kells has attracted ten million visitors to Trinity College Dublin Library

The Old Library and Book of Kells is one of Ireland’s major tourist venues and attracts over 520,000 visitors each year to see the exhibition on the Book of Kells and other medieval manuscripts

Medieval castle to be built in Austria

The Austrian town of Friesach will be home to a new medieval castle, to built using construction methods from the period.

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