700-year-old saint myth has been proven (almost) true

Scientists confirm that the age and content of an old sack is in accordance with a medieval myth about Saint Francis of Assisi.

10 Creepy Things to See at the Louvre That Are Better Than the Mona Lisa

If you’re an ancient historian, a medievalist, or early modernist, there are so many other amazing pieces and works of art a the Louvre other than these two tourist staples. Here is my list of cool, creepy, unusual and better than the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris.

Dreams in medieval Saints’ lives: Saint Francis of Assisi

How do medieval descriptions of dreams or visions reflect spiritual growth? What images are used as rhetorical or hagiographical means? And what can we learn from the interpretation of these spiritual images in a late medieval literary context?

Kickstarter campaign to restore St.Francis of Assisi’s home in Rome

The Franciscan order hopes to raise $125 000 to restore a convent in Rome which was the home of St. Francis of Assisi. They have created a Kickstarter campaign to ask for donations from the public.

BOOKS:Medieval Celebrities!

They may not have won any Oscars, but they were definitely medieval celebrities! Here are some great reads about some of the most famous faces of the Middle Ages

Saint Francis of Assisi: An Exorcist of Demons

Saint Francis was considered such a model of Christian virtue that he was able to perform miracles as an agent of Jesus. Among them, the description of demoniacs and exorcisms are particularly interesting for the history of psychiatry.

Love and Saint Francis of Assisi: A Performer in the Middle Ages

In “spending most of his life out of doors, in all seasons” Francis defies the basis of what we call civilized existence; if history is about progress in terms of making human life secure from nature’s vagaries, Francis rejects such a conception of history, along with its false sense of security, in order to situate human life in and as the natural world.

The Friar and the Sultan: Francis of Assisi’s Mission to Egypt

In September, 1219, Francis of Assisi went to Egypt to preach to Sultan al-Malik al-Kâmil.

“The Letter Kills, But the Spirit Gives Life”: The Rise of Learning in the Franciscan Order, 1210-1310

The twelfth century was marked by a general enthusiasm for two phenomena: scholastic learning and voluntary poverty. The division of society into clergy and laymen maintained itself in response to these two enthusiasms.

Studies in Early Franciscan Sources book series begins

Franciscan Institute Publications has launched a new book series called Studies in Early Franciscan Sources with the publication of three titles: The Writings of Francis – Letters and Prayers The Writings of Francis – Rules, Testament and Admonitions The Writings of Clare – Letters, Form of Live, Testament and Blessing Three of the world’s top […]

Ethics and poetics: the architectural vision of Saint Francis of Assisi

Ethics and poetics: the architectural vision of Saint Francis of Assisi Caicco, Gregory Paul (McGill University) Phd Philosophy Thesis, McGill University (1998) Abstract Contrary to the view of many interpreters that Francis of Assisi (1181–1226) dabbled in church renovation for a few years following his first conversion experience in 1205, architecture remained a central preoccupation […]

Miracles of Bodily Transformation, or How St. Francis Received the Stigmata

No brief discussion of stigmata can hope to take account of the many, and sometimes conflicting, dimensions of this historically datable, and relatively recent, religious phenomenon.

The Garden of St. Francis: Plants, Landscape, and Economy in Thirteenth-Century Italy

Popularly associated with the environmental movement, St. Francis (ca. 1182–1226) has long been figured as having an intense devotion to nature

Theological and Polemical Uses of Hagiography: A Consideration of Bonaventure’s Legenda Major of St. Francis

Theological and Polemical Uses of Hagiography: A Consideration of Bonaventure’s Legenda Major of St. Francis Hubert, Susan J. Comitatus Vol.29 (1998) Introduction Bonaventure’s Legendae of St. Francis of Assisi occupy an ambiguous position in relation to his theological and spiritual works. In the first place, many historians believe that Bonaventure wrote the Legenda Major, or Major Life, […]

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