The Medieval Magazine: (Volume 4: No. 3): Issue 105: Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Issue!: Love in the Middle Ages, Teutonic Knights, Tudor medicine, and much, much more!

A Comparative Analysis Of Early Medieval North-West Slavonic And West Baltic Sacred Landscapes

The major aim of our paper is to present a comparative analysis of early medieval north-west Slavonic and Prussian objects and places which are interpreted in a sacral context.

Reflection of European Sarmatia in Early Cartography

While looking for the origins of the state of Lithuania, it is the study of old maps that helps solve a number of riddles, so far weighing on the history of our nation. Historical data, traced in maps and their images, unrestricted by any political, religious or pseudo- scientific taboos, allow us to cast a broad view on the dim and distant past of our state.

The idea of Christian chivalry in the chronicles of the Teutonic Order

This thesis has as its subject matter the chronicles written by members of the Teutonic Order to describe and justify the crusades undertaken by the Order in Prussia and Lithuania in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Horses and Crossbows: Two Important Warfare Advantages of the Teutonic Order in Prussia

The combination of these two developments made it possible for the Order’s garrisons to withstand long sieges, provided they had sufficient supplies of food, weapons and crossbow bolts.

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