Imagining the Virgin: The Intersection of Space, Monumentality and Marian Iconography in Late Antique and Early Medieval Egypt

This lecture contextualizes the iconography of the Virgin Mary within the framework of Late-Antique and Early Medieval Egyptian Christianity.

Emperor Zar’a Ya’eqob (1434-68) And The Christianization Of Medieval Ethiopia

One of the most important figures in Ethiopian Christianity was the 15th century Emperor Zar’a Ya’eqob.

Rethinking medieval spaces in digital environments

Many digital websites and archives of medieval spaces and its objects are not only informed by what we might call a post-romantic notion of aesthetics, they also excise crucial dimensions of medieval materiality and performativity such as touch, smell, movement and sound.

Maria Mediatrix: Mediating the Divine in the Devotional Literature of Late Medieval and Early Modern England

In medieval theology, Mary‘s body, as the physical site of the Incarnation, provided an opportunity for speculation about the relationship between divinity and humanity…An examination of how Marian imagery is used as a rhetorical and meditative device in devotional texts will shed light on the way the relationship between human body and divine spirit was experienced.

“Becoming Mary of the Gael”

This paper focused on the comparison of St. Brigit and the Virgin Mary in early Irish texts.

Mary and the Jews in Anglo-Norman Monastic Culture

This thesis looks at the ways in which Benedictine monks contributed to the fashioning of images of Jews in sources related to the Marian cult in the post-Conquest period, 1066-1154.

Eve and Her Daughters: Eve, Mary, the Virgin, and the Lintel Fragment at Autun

The lintel fragment of Eve from the Cathedral of St. Lazaire at Autun (Figure 1) has been praised by art historians as one of the greatest monumental figural works of the Romanesque period.

Cistercian Spirituality and Emergence of the Coronation of the Virgin in the Late Middle Ages

Along with the popular devotion to the Virgin Mary, the theme of the ‘Coronation of the Virgin’ acquired high popularity through the artistic representation of the Virgin.

The Thread of Life in the Hand of the Virgin

The motif of the Virgin at the loom occurred with frequency in Western art only after the Feast of the Presentation of the Virgin (celebrated by the Byzantine Church on November 21 from the seventh or eighth century onward) was introduced into the West in 1372.

The Importance of the Belt in Religious and Secular Medieval Courtly Love Literature

Three stories from this time period focus on a sort of courtly love relationship between two people that involves this characteristic giving of a gift: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Guigemar, and an apocryphal account of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven by “John the Evangelist”. These seemingly different stories share one unifying bond: a belt.

The Emergence of the Cult of the Virgin Mary as the Patron Saint of Seafarers

Through the ages, Christian seafarers have had recourse to a number of saints in search of protection against the many perils of the sea.

The Genesis of the Black Madonna

The Genesis of the Black Madonna By Jacqueline Leinbach Published online by The Mint Museum (2006) Introduction: This study will focus on representations of the Virgin Mary and her son, the Christ Child, portrayed with black skin and Aryan features. It does not refer to artworks which portray them as Africans and which are created […]

Madonna of the Sun and the Moon — Virgin Mary as an Apocalyptic Woman and the Representations of the Picture Type in Finland

Madonna of the Sun and the Moon — Virgin Mary as an Apocalyptic Woman and theRepresentations of the Picture Type in Finland Vuorela, Anu (University of Turku) Masters Thesis, MIRATOR LOKAKUU/OKTOBER/OCTOBER (2002) Abstract The topic of this article is a special type of picture of Virgin Mary, an apocalyptic Madonna. Even though there are all in […]

Patronage and Piety: Montserrat and the Royal House of Medieval Catalonia-Aragon

Patronage and Piety: Montserrat and the Royal House of Medieval Catalonia-Aragon Morris, Paul N. (University of California, Los Angeles) MIRATOR LOKAKUU/OKTOBER/OCTOBER (2000) Abstract This paper examines the long relationship between the monastery of Santa María de Montserrat and the royal house of Catalonia-Aragon. The members of this house, from Raymond Berenguer IV in the twelfth century […]

Music in Honor of the Virgin Mary during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

The purpose of this study was, first, to explore the basic elements of Marian devotion, and, second, to examine how veneration of Mary was expressed musically.

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