Beyond the Medical Text: Health and Illness in Early Medieval Italian Sources

The vast majority of surviving evidence for health care, medicine and attitudes to illness in early medieval northern Italy comes not from traditional medical texts, but legal, hagiographical and archaeological sources.

Medieval Warfare Magazine – Volume IV Issue 6

The Lombard-Byzantine conflict was a defining moment in Byzantine history, and especially important for the future of Italy. The wars would not only lead to the end of Byzantine hegomony in Italy, but they also helped in widening the gap between the pope and Catholic Italy on the one hand, and the Emperor and Greek Constantinople on the other, thus paving the way for the emergence of new Romano-German Christian realms in the West.

Byzantines, Goths and Lombards in Italy: Jewellery, Dress and Cultural Interactions

The temptation is naturally to seek differences or contrasts from one power to another, to reinforce the conflict and tension identified in contemporary historians.

The Normans between Byzantium and the Islamic World

The Normans between Byzantium and the Islamic World TRAVAINI, LUCIA Dumbarton Oaks Papers: Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection, Washington, D.C.(2001) Abstract When dealing with the subject of monetary transactions and exchanges involving the Normans of Italy, Byzantium, and the Islamic world, scholars have been cautioned to use care when discussing terms such as influence […]

Medieval Sites in Italy, Syria, Turkey and Vietnam added to World Heritage List

Twenty-five sites were added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List last month, including four which date from the Middle Ages. The 35th session of the World Heritage Committee was held last month in Paris, where 25 of the 35 proposed sites received final approval to be included on the List, which marks places that are particularly […]

The Policies of Agilulf and the Iconography of the Val Di Nievole Visor

The Policies of Agilulf and the Iconography of the Val Di Nievole Visor By Julia Bolotina The Future of History: An Undergraduate Journal, Vol.5 (2009-10) Introduction: The Val di Nievole visor, a gilded bronze piece now kept at the Museo Nazionale del Bergetto in Florence, depicts King Agilulf (King of the Lombards 590-616 CE, identified […]

Settlement and defence of Byzantine and Longobard northern and central Italy

This thesis considers the patterns of settlement in Northern and Central Italy during the Byzantine and Longobard epochs, with close attention to the form of military occupation along the various provincial borders.

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