Surviving Winter in the Middle Ages

Surviving Winter in the Middle Ages: How did people stay warm? What did they eat? What did they do?

Living History in an Early 14th Century Castle

In the small German village of Kanzach, population 504, a unique project has become reality, the complete reconstruction of a wooden castle with its tower, agricultural houses, furniture and various items from its daily life.

Reconstruction of a Judicial Duel c. 1400

Watch this demonstration of a judicial duel at the turn of the 15th century, presented at the International Congress on Medieval Studies in 2013

Medieval Histories – On balancing along the precipice between Medieval Living History and the Medieval Studies of Academia

But it is also easy to detect something else, which is the beleaguered and policed frontier between academia and living history – or as it is often called between Medieval Studies and Medievalism. Something both parties are acutely aware of.

Living history: learning through re-enactment

We are interested in the ways in which adult learn through engaging in leisure pursuits that have educational outcomes. Specifically in this paper we are interested in learning history; and second, we are interested in learning about history through doing.

Battle of Nations – Historical Reenactment Tournament

The second international festival on historical reenactment “Battle of Nations” is taking place at the Khotyn Fortress in western Ukraine on April 30th to May 3rd. is pleased to be able to offer live-streaming of this event. The first festival which was held in 2010 at the Khotyn Fortress has gained popularity among foreign […]

Saxonhouse offers visitors the chance to see 7th century life

If one is interested in experiencing how people lived in Anglo-Saxon England, a trip to Lincolnshire might offer some unique insights. In the village of East Firsby a reconstruction of the 7th-century home has been built by Steven and Jude Jones. Based on archaeological evidence and built with traditional tools, Saxonhouse is an attempt to […]

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