When the Atlantic Ocean had many islands: The mythical and miraculous places west of medieval Europe

Why medieval people did not accept that the vast space in the Atlantic Ocean between the Old World and the New could truly be an empty one.

How well do you know your Norse Mythology?

Test your knowledge of Norse gods and goddesses with these 15 questions

NEW! The Medieval Magazine, No. 111: HAGIOGRAPHY

In this issue, we look at hagiography, the medieval cult of saints, alchemy, visit Prague and visit del Escorial, Spain.

Medieval Geopolitics: The Medieval “Judicial Revolution”

During the early medieval era, judicial power and authority – the right and ability to adjudicate legal disputes and enforce the law – had hemorrhaged from the public authorities of the Carolingian empire into the hands first of great magnates and then lesser lords.

Why did the Vikings attack?

For women, slaves, or in self-defence – what made the Vikings explode out of Denmark and Norway around the year 800?

Medieval House for Sale: The Hovel

This two-bedroom cottage is at least 500 years old and may have been a property mentioned in the Domesday Book from the eleventh-century.

New Medieval Books: People, Towns, Nations, and … Murder

Five books that might belong on your bookshelf…

The Mary Rose: A Visit to Henry VIII’s Flagship

If you find yourself in the English town of Portsmouth, Minjie Su suggests a visit to the Mary Rose – to see the remains of the famous 16th century ship.

NEW! The Medieval Magazine, No. 110: THE RISE OF THE MEDIEVAL CITY

In this issue, we focus on cities. From Barcelona, to Constantinople, to Bologna, we cover marriage, trade, slavery, and foundation stories. Take a trip with us around the world and learn about the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the medieval city.

Medieval Youtube: From saving manuscripts to pee jokes

Our latest roundup of videos found over the last month on Youtube that will be a delight to medievalists.

Medieval manuscripts: Ways to Savour Spring in the Middle Ages

When one wanted to learn healthy living in the 14th or 15th century, they would often turn to the Theatrum Sanitatis and Tacuinum Sanitatis.

Maximianus, Gallus and the Great Medieval Literary Fraud

A brilliant but morally bankrupt teenaged humanist in Italy named Pomponius Gauricus noticed the fevered search for elegies of Gallus—and smelled opportunity.

Who were the Templars?

The idea of the Knights Templar looked good on paper. Have knights from across Europe join a monastic order that would defend the Holy Land from non-Christians. They would be devout warriors fighting on behalf of God, an example for all of Christendom. What could go wrong?

Medieval Book Review Round-Up

Here’s a round-up of new books that have landed on my desk that I thought are definitely worth checking out.

Tiny Edens: What you can find in a medieval monastery’s garden

Here are five garden elements you’d regularly find on a monastery’s grounds.

Were Christians and Muslims Allies in the First Crusade?

In this article, we present the case that an alliance existed between the Crusaders and the Fatimid rulers of Egypt, and it was only when that alliance broke down that Jerusalem would become the target of a military attack.

How many historic Welsh counties do you know?

Since the Middle Ages, Wales was divided into over a dozen counties, some of which existed for hundreds of years. Take this quiz to see how well you know them.

Interview with Nancy Goldstone, Author of Daughters of the Winter Queen

Read on to find out more about the book, amazing women in history, and Elizabeth’s connection to the royal wedding.

“A Well-Regulated Militia”: The Medieval Origins of the Second Amendment

As it turns out, weapons ownership—and its relationship to political rights, power, and masculine self-image—has deep roots in the Middle Ages. This in turns, explains how firearms came to be so entrenched in American culture.

The 50 Most Important Events of the Middle Ages

Our list of the most important events in the medieval world, between the years 500 and 1500 AD.

Before Dracula: The Rise and Fall of Whitby Abbey

But in addition to Bram and Dracula, Whitby Abbey has more stories to tell; and they are much more ancient than the immortal Count.

5,000,000 words: How St. Augustine’s works made it into the Middle Ages

This is the first in a series that will look over the shoulder of medieval readers to discover how they shaped Augustine’s legacy, and created an image of the man that has endured to our times.

Can you Solve these 10 Medieval Riddles?

Here are 10 riddles from the Middle Ages. How many can you answer?

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