15th century house and shop for sale in France

Photo by Libre à Quimperlé / Wikimedia Commons

While you can buy this 15th century building for just 42 000 euros, it will require much more money for repairs and restoration.

Can You Solve These Medieval Riddles?

saint aldhelms riddles

Test yourself with these ten riddles from the seventh-century, part of Saint Aldhelm’s Riddles, translated by A.M. Juster and published by the University of Toronto Press.

Medieval Eyeglasses: Wearable Technology of the Thirteenth Century

medieval eyeglasses

It’s a common misconception that medieval minds regarded every little gadget with superstition and fear. Like us, medieval people loved wearable tech, and adapted useful gear – like sundials – to take with them on the go. In the thirteenth-century, Europeans were keen to get on board with the latest high-tech gadget to come out of Italy: eyeglasses.

Friendship, Betrayal, War: “Soldier of God” Movie Review

Soldier of God - Rene, a French Templar Knight who survives the Battle of Hattin. Played by Tim Abell.

A Templar and a Muslim; their strange friendship is the premise of this week’s movie based in the 12th century immediately after the disastrous Battle of Hattin.

Infertility in the Middle Ages

Drawing from a 13th-century manuscript of Pseudo-Apuleius's Herbarium, depicting a pregnant woman in repose, while another holds some pennyroyal in one hand and prepares a concoction using a mortar and pestle with the other.

For medieval people, success meant succession. Heredity was at the centre of law and order, from the king down through the ranks of society. As a result, the moment children reached marriageable age – and sometimes even before that – everyone’s focus was on their fertility.

The Medieval Magazine: Anglo-Saxon England (Volume 2 Issue 5)

medieval mag 57

We take a look at Anglo-Saxon England this week, including a Mercian Queen, and what happened to Britain’s plants and animals when Roman rule collapsed.

BOOK REVIEW – London: A Travel Guide Through Time by Dr. Matthew Green

London: A Travel Guide Through Time by Dr. Matthew Green

Love London? Then you will love this book. A fascinating trek through time looking the pivotal moments in London’s history.

A Viking Mess – Northmen: A Viking Saga Movie Review

Northmen: A Viking Saga. Photo by Variety.com

This week’s medieval movie is Northmen: A Viking Saga.

Interview with Nancy Goldstone, author of The Rival Queens

rival queens

It wasn’t until I was older, and writing European history, that I stumbled across a mention in the chronicle of Matthew Paris, a 13th century Benedictine monk, of the four daughters of the count of Provence who all became queens—queen of France, queen of England, queen of Germany (queen of the Romans), and queen of Sicily. Even from the little I was able to glean from the chronicle I could see that these women, who I had never heard of, exercised real power. Instantly curious, I went to find a book about them.

Discovering a Lost Medieval Town in Poland

A three-dimensional, artistic digital reconstruction of New Nieszawa/Dybow on the basis of non-invasive data (by J. Zakrzewski, S. Rzeznik, P. Wroniecki)

The 15th century city of Nieszawa, known by two names Nowa Nieszawa (New Nieszawa) or Dybów was a prosperous urban centre on the border of the Polish Kingdom and the Teutonic Order.

The Medieval Magazine: Umberto Eco (Volume 2 Issue 4)

medieval mag 56

We take a look at the life and legacy of Umberto Eco, who passed away last week.

A Quick Guide to Medieval Monastic Orders

Benedictine monks chanting - from British Library Additional 39636

During the Middle Ages, thousands of monastic communities were founded throughout Europe. Throughout this period, different types of monasteries were formed, which had different emphasizes and goals.

Umberto Eco, medievalist and novelist, passes away

Umberto Eco in 2011 - Photo credit: Das Blaue Sofa / Club Bertelsmann.

Umberto Eco, who gained international fame for his novel The Name of the Rose, passed away on Friday. He was 84.

Five Surprising Rules for Medieval Monks

15th century monks singing - in the Noted Breviary Getty Museum MS 24

The Rule of Saint Benedict was one of the quintessential texts of the Middle Ages. It explicitly lays out how to effectively run and be a part of the ideal monastic community – at least in Benedict’s view.

Of Myths, Fairy Tales, and TV series

vikings season 4

As Season 4 of Vikings is readying to raid our TV screens, we will try and show how their writer Michael Hirst and his team of historical advisers do not limit their endeavour to Norse Mythology, royal genealogies and other sagas. Indeed they stray far away, deep into the recesses of time. As we say a long, long time ago …

The Medieval Magazine: Monasticism (Volume 2 Issue 3)

medieval mag 55

Monasticism in the Middle Ages is the focus of this week’s issue of the magazine – we take a look at the role of abbot and the challenges of managing a medieval monastery. You can also read about the Teutonic Knights, the sanctuary of Michael Skellig, and how a 600-year old ship was raised from a river last week.

Can You Solve Alcuin’s Puzzles?

river crossing puzzle

A man had to take a wolf, a goat and a bunch of cabbages across a river. The only boat he could find could only take two of them at a time. But he had been ordered to transfer all of these to the other side in good condition. How could this be done.

The Medieval Magazine: Love and Marriage (Volume 2 Issue 2)

medieval mag 54

Love and Marriage is the theme of this week’s issue, as we take a look at love-letters from the 12th-century, and defining marriage in the 13th. Read about the dangers of weddings in Italy, and the possibility of mixed-religious unions in Poland.

The Noisy Middle Ages

Hieronymus Bosch, detail from Christ Carrying the Cross

Let’s take five minutes to lend the Middle Ages an ear.

Digital Media and Medieval Studies Workshop at the International Medieval Congress

Created by Alexis Wilke / Wikimedia Commons

We at Medievalists.net are proud to announce that we will be delivering a workshop at the 2016 International Medieval Congress

The Medieval Magazine: The First Crusade (Volume 2 Issue 1)

medieval mag 53

For our one-year anniversary issue we focus on the First Crusade, and ask were Christians and Muslims allies during this event? The answer might surprise you. We have more about the First Crusade, including interviews with two historians that specialize in the topic.

BOOK REVIEW: Grendel’s Mother: The Saga of the Wyrd-Wife by Susan Signe Morrison

Books: Grendel's Mother by Susan Signe Morrison.

Grendel’s Mother tells the story of Brimhild, a child found abandoned in a boat on the shores of Denmark. Taken in by a fisherwoman woman and her husband, she is received as a blessing for the child they recently lost. There is nothing to identify her save for a few strange, and foreign items packed […]

medievalverse magazine
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