New TV series: The Bastard Executioner

New TV series The Bastard Executioner

The first season of The Bastard Executioner begins on Tuesday, September 15th on the FX channel in the United States and Canada

Ten Castles that Made Medieval Britain: Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle from the outer court, painted by Canaletto in 1752

Raised amidst the settling dust of the Norman Conquest, the traditional seat of the Earldom of Warwick has continually throughout its millennia long and oft glorious history fundamentally reinvented itself, making it the Madonna of medieval military architecture.

The Medieval Magazine – Issue 33

medieval mag 33

This week we preview two new TV series set in the Middle Ages – The Bastard Executioner and The Last Kingdom – to see what they will be offering viewers.

A Medieval Weather Report

medieval weather - photo by AvidlyAbide / Flickr

What was England’s weather like 746 years ago?

Telling the Story of the Ivory Vikings

Lewis chessmen - photo by Sarah Ross, Flickr

One book leads to the next. It’s a truism among writers, and particularly apt for explaining how my latest book, Ivory Vikings: The Mystery of the Most Famous Chessmen in the World and the Woman Who Made Them, published by St Martin’s Press in September, came to be.

Rosh Hashanah in the Middle Ages

Detail of a marginal drawing of a man blowing the shofar in the lower margin, at an instruction to blow the shofar.  British Library  Additional 26968   f. 244

As the Jewish High Holy Days takes place, we take a look at how Jews celebrated Rosh Hashanah in the Middle Ages.

Wit and Wisdom from Medieval Monarchs

Wit and Wisdom from Medieval Monarchs

Here are ten quotes from medieval Kings and Queens that we wanted to share

The earliest use of the F-word discovered

Cheshire County Court Rolls - TNA CHES 29/23 - photo by Paul Booth

An English historian has come across the word ‘fuck’ in a court case dating to year 1310, making it the earliest known reference to the swear word.

The Longest and Shortest Reigns of the Middle Ages

Coronation of Basil as co-emperor, from the Madrid Skylitzes

Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for over 63 years – how does this compare to medieval rulers?

Ten Castles that Made Medieval Britain: Windsor Castle

Drawing of Windsor Castle from 1910

At one time the greatest palace complex in Europe and a favoured haunt of the British Royal family to this day, Windsor Castle is a still living relic of a time where out of necessity, the sum of a nation’s sovereignty and a State’s very existence as a politically distinct identity rested upon a crowned head.

The Medieval Magazine – Issue 32

medieval magazine 32

We are going back to school in this week’s edition of The Medieval Magazine.

The Long History of Teachers Complaining about Students

Ms 2167 F.13V Maximilian Sforza Attending to His Lessons, Lombard, from 'Donatus Grammatica' ' (vellum), Italian School, (15th century) / Biblioteca Trivulziana, Milan, Italy

‘Scholarly effort is in decline everywhere as never before.’

Dear Dad, Send Money – Letters from Students in the Middle Ages

medieval writing - Jean Miélot at his desk 15th century

I ask of you greetings and money.

10 Phrases that Originated in the Middle Ages

medieval phrases

Some of our most popular phrases have a long history, including some that go back to the Middle Ages.

Medieval Back-to-School Shopping List

Students enter the „Natio Germanica Bononiae“, the german nation at the university of Bologna, image from the 15th century

In the Middle Ages, students entering university had to gather together materials, too, before they headed off to places sometimes very far from home like Oxford University, the University of Salerno, or the University of Paris. Here’s a list of five things that would be on a medieval back-to-school shopping list.

Ten Castles that Made Medieval Britain: Edinburgh Castle

An engraving published in Maitland's History of Edinburgh, 1753.

Few indeed are those architectural legacies still remaining to us that can boast the iconic status of Edinburgh Castle, its distinctive silhouette known throughout the world, accompanied by the gently wafting of bagpipes. Far rarer still are those structures with a comparably singular influence upon the shaping of a nation.

The Medieval Magazine – Issue 31

medieval magazine 31

This week’s issue of The Medieval Magazine takes a look at Christianity in the Middle Ages.

Consider the Source

internet - photo by transCam / Flickr

I followed the link I was given and found a website that goes on and on about how brutal the medieval justice system was (with gory examples of limb-lopping and eyeball-gouging), and that people lived in fear of becoming the next victim of it. That’s when I started to get upset.

How Hagia Sophia was Built

hagia sophia - Photo by Scott MacLeod Liddle / Flickr

Stories and legends from the Patria on how the greatest church of the Byzantine world was built

Machiavelli and Botticelli Movies to Hit the Screen in 2016

Machiavelli The Prince by Lorenzo Raveggi.

Machiavelli and Botticelli are set to hit screens in 2016. We sat down to chat with Italian director, Lorenzo Raveggi about his two ambitious projects.

Which Historical Era Should You Time Travel To?

time travel

Ever wonder when in time you should visit? Find out here!

Ten Castles that Made Medieval Britain: Dunstanburgh Castle

Dunstanburgh Castle

Few ambitions were ever so grand or manifestos so proudly proclaimed as those writ into the walls of Dunstanburgh Castle. The power of such fortifications wasn’t just limited to their considerable heft but was rooted in their role as the stronghold and home of the great men and women of the age

The Medieval Magazine – Issue 30

medieval magazine issue 30

Medieval Pilgrimages / Robin Hood / The Middle Ages and Feminism / Archaeologists fight to preserve English battlefield

The Medieval Magazine – Issue 29


Pennsic: For Two Weeks, a Medieval Kingdom in Pennsylvania / The Evil Spirit that Terrorized a Medieval Village / What is a Psalter?

Questions and Answers with Alcuin


What are teeth? – The millstones of our biting.

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