15 Myths about the Middle Ages

People have some very wrong ideas about the Middle Ages.  Here is a list of fifteen of the strangest misconceptions about the medieval period

The Vikings and their Filed Teeth

How some Vikings had their teeth filed – a painful way to have a new smile!

Top 10 Strangest Deaths in the Middle Ages

Check out our list of the top ten strangest deaths from the Middle Ages

Girls’ Names from Medieval London (not the usual ones!)

Looking for that great ‘medieval’ name for your newborn daughter? Here are ten names from medieval London that you may never had heard of!

The Woman who Ruled the Papacy

She was the lover of one Pope, mother to another, and grandmother to a third.

Ten Beautiful Medieval Maps

Our list of the best medieval maps – ten maps created between the sixth and sixteenth centuries, which offer unique views into how medieval people saw their world.

Medieval Pet Names

What did people in the Middle Ages name their dogs and cats?

When were the Middle Ages?

Medieval historians have been debating for many years on when were the Middle Ages – was there a year that medieval period began, and was there a year that it ended?

Castle for Sale

Looking for real Castles for Sale? We list castles that have recently been put on the market, including medieval fortresses from France, Italy, Ireland and other places in Europe

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