Book Review: The Rhyme of King Harold

The Rhyme of King Harold is an entertaining way to learn more about the flip side of the Bayeux Tapestry and getting in touch with your Saxon roots.

Book Review: An Unsuitable Princess, by Jane Rosenberg LaForge

The fantasy breaks up the troubling narcissism of the diary, while the diary gives the fantasy its grounding and meaning.

Stained Glass: Radiant Art

Readers are treated to an overview of medieval stained glass as an art medium, an academic topic of study, and as a prized portion of the collection of the Getty.

BOOK REVIEWS: “The Chalice” by Nancy Bilyeau

My book review of Nancy Bilyeau’s, “The Chalice”.

BOOK REVIEW: A King’s Ransom – Sharon Kay Penman

A King’s Ransom is the follow up to Lionheart and tells the story of King Richard I’s imprisonment in Germany at the hands of Duke Leopold of Austria and Emperor Heinrich VI and of his battle to win back his Kingdom from his rapacious brother John.

Book Review: An Early Meal: A Viking Age Cookbook and Culinary Odyssey

A book that any non-academic Viking-enthusiast would love to have on their shelf or in their kitchen.

Book Review: The Cross and the Dragon, by Kim Rendfeld

Rendfeld skillfully presents what might have been facts, and entertains the reader at the same time.

Book Review: The Walls of Byzantium, by James Heneage

To get through this maze, Heneage employs the time proven and very useful conceit of human interest at its most personal level – a love story, not merely triangular but quadrilateral, plus the ardent love of place…

Book Review: The Winter Warrior, by James Wilde

Do you like Anglo-Saxons and Vikings and a lot of gore? You’ll probably like this book. Are you French? You probably won’t.

Book Review: Dangerous Women, edited by George R.R. Martin and Gardner Dozois

The twenty-one story anthology features a wide array of modern and historical fiction, sci-fi and fantasy.

Book Review: The Donation Of Constantine: A Novel, by Simon LeVay

Love conquers all. Even the Donation of Constantine.

Book Review: In the Footsteps of Anne Boleyn

It is particularly useful in that it brings together much (usually) scattered information into one place and links places, events and context together. It is a useful reference book with extensive links to further information.

The Norman Conquest: The Battle of Hastings and the Fall of Anglo-Saxon England

The Norman Conquest: The Battle of Hastings and the Fall of Anglo-Saxon England By Marc Morris Pegasus Books, 2013 ISBN: 978-1-60598-451-3 Publisher’s Description: An upstart French duke who sets out to conquer the most powerful and unified kingdom in Christendom.An invasion force on a scale not seen since the days of the Romans. One of the […]

Book Review: Ancient Treasures, by Brian Haughton

Many people dream of finding some long-lost treasure – to think that perhaps a chest full of gold is buried underneath their feet and that you can retrieve it with just a shovel!.

Templar (Graphic Novel)

Graphic novels that focus on the medieval period are getting more and more popular – and works like Templar are a good reason why. Set during the downfall of the Templar Order in 1307, it is a historical adventure story that combines action, humour and romance with some royal politics and a mysterious treasure.

Book Review: A Thing Done, by Tinney Sue Heath

I’ve read a lot of historical novels over the last few years but I have to say that hands down, this one is at the top of my list.

Book Review: Shadow on the Crown

A review of Patricia Bracewell’s book: Shadow on the Crown.

Book Review: Medievalisms: Making the Past the Present

In the book Medievalisms: Making the Past the Present, Tison Pugh and Angela Jane Weisl recognize the enduring influence of the Middle Ages and address how medievalisms are interpreted and represented in modern culture.

BOOK REVIEW: “Death Before Compline”

BOOK REVIEW: Death Before Compline Bagwyn Books (2012) Sharan Newman This short book, DEATH BEFORE COMPLINE is a great collection of murder-mystery stories by Sharan Newman. It features the adventures of Sharan’s popular and much loved heroine, Catherine LeVendeur, a crime solving woman living in twelfth century France. The stories are chronologically ordered, starting from […]

The Archaeology of Knowth in the First and Second Millennia AD

Knowth, Ireland is the site of one the country’s most important archaeological sites: from a large neolithic grave mound to medieval and post-medieval settlements, this place offers a huge amount of evidence on Irish history.

Review: The Medieval Anarchy: History In An Hour

The latest ebook from History In An Hour, The Medieval Anarchy aims to give the reader a relatively quick look at events during the reign of King Stephen (1135-1154), a period of civil war throughout the Anglo-Norman empire.

REVIEW – The Plantagenets: The Kings Who Made England

Dan Jones is an acclaimed English historian and award winning journalist.

From the Brink of the Apocalypse: Confronting Famine, War, Plague, and Death in the Later Middle Ages

Aberth writes in the tradition of Barbara Tuchman’s A Distant Mirror, both in his lively, readable style aimed at the nonspecialist and in his antiheroic, almost romantic portrayal of late medieval miseries.

Medieval futures: Attitudes to the future in the Middle Ages

Medieval Futures explores the rich variety of ways in which medieval people imagined the future, from the prophetic anticipation of the end of the world to the mundane expectation that the world would continue indefinitely, permitting ordinary human plans and provisions.

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