Can You Pass This Renaissance History Quiz?

Nine questions on Renaissance History…

How you can own a medieval piece of York Minster

Medieval stones from York Minster will be going up for auction on August 22nd.

Building Kenilworth Castle on Minecraft

English Heritage has reimagined Kenilworth Castle on Minecraft and will host workshops at Dover and Kenilworth castles for visitors to build their own

Byzantine manuscript, missing for 27 years, to be returned to Greece

A 12th century Byzantine manuscript, which went missing from the University of Athens in 1991, has been discovered in the collections of the Museum of the Bible, and will be returned to Greece later this year.

Shock and Awe: The use of terror as a psychological weapon during the Bruce-Balliol Civil War, 1332-38

Ravaging land, burning crops, stealing livestock and killing peasants: this is how war was fought in the middle ages. These tactics constituted a form of warfare that minimised the dangers of meeting an enemy in battle, while maximising the destruction that could be inflicted upon the opposition. 

Recording Miracles in Renaissance Italy

This essay has surveyed the changing form of Renaissance Italian ex-votos, and the ways in which they were compiled and conserved in a variety of shrines across the peninsula, in order to argue that votive offerings came to function as archives of the miraculous.

Nuremberg’s Noble Servant: Werner von Parsberg (d. 1455) between Town and Nobility in Late Medieval Germany

Through this appreciation of the factors supporting town–noble cooperation in the late Middle Ages we are better able to understand the formation and development of the dialectic of town and nobility as a way of understanding German society.

Why this is the week to be in Iceland (and learn about sagas)

The scholarly world interested in all things Norse, Viking and saga-related is coming to Iceland this week for the 17th International Saga Conference. Here is a quick guide to what is happening.

Heatwave reveals medieval road in England

Keele University scientists have discovered a road created by the Knights Templar after the recent heatwave exposed the long-hidden foundations.

How to make an omelet, medieval-style

A 14th-century recipe for making an omelet.

A Medieval Jewish Philosophical Prayer

Blessed by the First of the First and the Eternal of the Eternal / The Pre-eternal, Who will not disappear in the face of flowing time and ever-changing instants

Penn brings Philadelphia’s rare medieval manuscripts to the world

Leveraging the University’s expertise with technology and rare centuries-old manuscripts, Penn Libraries is digitizing and cataloging medieval and early modern texts from 15 Philadelphia-area institutions. The three-year project is known as BiblioPhilly.

Call for Papers: Reconstituting the Middle Ages: using medieval sources to recover the material past

Call for papers for a session at the 2019 International Medieval Congress

New video game aims to take players back to the 7th century

A new Kickstarter campaign is underway to help support the launch of Knights of Light, a historical action RPG set in Middle East.

Ancient DNA reveals the chronology of walrus ivory trade from Norse Greenland

These results reveal a significant shift in trade from an early, predominantly eastern source towards a near exclusive representation of Greenland ivory.

Medieval Daily Life on Birchbark

Hundreds of medieval writings on birchbark have been discovered in Russia. They reveal great insights into daily life in the Middle Ages.

The Abbasid Caliphate of Cairo (1261-1517): History and Tradition in the Mamluk Court

This dissertation investigates the two-and-a-half century evolution of Islam’s most prominent leadership institution, the Abbasid caliphate, after its restoration in Cairo following the Mongol destruction of Baghdad in 1258.

The Tour Guide in the Middle Ages: Guide Culture and the Mediation of Public Art

This study investigates the medieval “tour guide” or, perhaps better, it investigates guide culture.  Toward this end, I ask such questions as was there a “tour guide” in the Middle Ages, that is, is there evidence for an artistic component within medieval guide culture?

You Only Die Twice? Abbots between Community and Empire: The Cases of Martin of Tours and Benedict of Aniane

This article compares the deaths of two abbots as told by contemporary observers

“The Great Emperor”: A Motif in Procopius of Caesarea’s Wars

When Justinian is described to barbarians as “the great emperor,” this reflects an anxiety about the emergence of post-Roman successor states in the West and a growing determination to pursue imperial reconquest.

The Green Children of Woolpit: Going past the skin-deep explanations of a medieval legend

The children have consistently been rejected as a freakish contortion of medieval superstition and generous imagination.

Polish archaeologists discover medieval graves in Sicily

Polish archaeologists discovered 800 year-old burials during excavations near the medieval church of San Michele del Golfo near Palermo in Sicily. According to the scientists, the graves could belong to the Normans, descendants of the Vikings.

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